My goal with these posts is to be fully actualized, polished thoughts. I want to consider these to be thesis statements on different ideas I’ve been having. There’s an aspect to these posts that is time-bound; my first post in Hugo will always be in December 2020. I will also try to structure these to ensure that they will provide value at any time in the future.

Oct '23 What is a Cover Letter in 2023

May '23 Upper Funnel Marketing

May '23 Unlocking Your Daily Potential with GPT-4: A Comprehensive Guide on OpenAI for Coding

Apr '23 Opinionated guide to using excel

Jan '23 Assorted Unordered Notes re:Customer Acquisition

Jul '22 Analyzing Rotten Tomatoes

Apr '22 GPT Update

Jul '21 Using an iPad for Real Work

Jan '21 First Hugo Post

Jan '21 Why aren't Working Hours more Flexible?

Dec '20 FTC Suing Facebook - Initial Reactions

Dec '20 On Being a Link in the Chain

Dec '20 Quitting Social Media

Sep '20 A Better Text Editor

Aug '20 First thoughts with GPT-3

Jul '20 Trading Options in Robinhood

Jul '20 Intro to Roam Research

Jun '20 Rules from The Paladin Prophecy

Apr '20 Coding as a Super Power

Apr '20 Third Order Effects of Covid-19

Apr '20 Looking at Vegas Local Restaurants

Mar '20 Introduction to Pandas

Feb '20 Having Multiple Tables in SQL View

Dec '19 Layover in Houston

Nov '19 Practice is Better than Talent

Oct '19 Parable of the Pots

Sep '19 Filtering based off a prefiltered list in SQL

Sep '19 Updating your tools

Sep '19 Streaming Dynamics

Aug '19 Digital Minimalism Review

Jul '19 Things to do in Boston

Jul '19 Living in a Brain Hub

Jul '19 Municipal Broadband

Jun '19 Process and the Art of Handoff

Jun '19 Useful SQL Examples

May '19 Electric Scooters in DC: My first Micromobility Experience

May '19 Micromobility and Culture

Mar '19 Morning Routines

Mar '19 Markdown Syntax Guide

Mar '19 Rich Content

Mar '19 Placeholder Text

Mar '19 Emoji Support

Feb '19 Building Motivation

Feb '19 What are you optimizing for?

Feb '19 Submodules in Github

Aug '18 How to think about Pricing Sports Tickets

May '18 Git and Microsoft

May '18 14 Thoughts from Amos Tversky

Apr '18 Writers’ Block

Mar '18 Surface 4 Pro Review

Mar '18 Data Replicability

Mar '18 Coffee Shop Equilibrium

Feb '18 Initial Twitter Bot Thoughts

Feb '18 Introduction to Selenium and PyAutoGui

Jan '18 How to find all Unique String Items in a Pandas Column

Jan '18 NBA Second Screen Opportunity

Jan '18 Dean Allen

Dec '17 Changing the Live Photo Frame

Dec '17 How Editing Helps with Writing

Nov '17 Writing a Novel with Ulysses

Nov '17 Warby Parker Moves into AR

Nov '17 Constantly Iterating

Sep '17 Dealing with NaN values in Pandas

Sep '17 iPhone X Event: First Impressions

Aug '17 Manipulating and Displaying National Park Service Data

Aug '17 Glory Road Review

Aug '17 What I'm Reading August 1

Jul '17 What is Data Science?

Jul '17 A New Way to Deal with Data in Python

Jul '17 Apple Moves into AR

Jul '17 How to fix a S3 RequestTimeTooSkewed bug

Jun '17 Time Tracking

Jun '17 Four More Interesting Links

May '17 Google’s Advertising Advancements

May '17 Python Data Science Tips

May '17 The Tools of a Business Analyst

May '17 Four Interesting Links

May '17 How to Get Started with Automation, Using Zapier

May '17 Some Crazy Facts about Owning an Electric Car

Apr '17 Introduction to the Bash Profile

Apr '17 What Tech Adventures Have I Gone On Recently

Apr '17 The Surprising Commonality between the iPhone and Apple TV

Apr '17 More on Apple’s Pricing Strategy

Apr '17 Incentives Leading to Fake News

Mar '17 Why The Kindle is Flawed

Mar '17 Thoughts about Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Mar '17 My Thoughts on Snap's IPO

Feb '17 Are transaction costs good for consumers?

Feb '17 Intro to RSS

Feb '17 Pricing as an Indie Author with Drew Hayes

Feb '17 Perfect Competition Assumptions in Real Life

Feb '17 Forging Hephaestus Book Review

Feb '17 Modeling Valentine's Gift Giving

Feb '17 Fake HTTPS certificates

Feb '17 Open Bar to Capture Consumer Surplus

Jan '17 Finding percentile breaks in Stata

Jan '17 Current Podcasts I'm listening to

Jan '17 AI Advancements

Jan '17 Data Best Practices

Jan '17 Speed up Mac Animations

Jan '17 Reformatting Regression Output in Stata

Jan '17 Practical Goal Setting

Dec '16 Is Mindshare Worth More than Revenue?

Dec '16 Big Bet Versus Scale Businesses

Nov '16 Minimum Wage Followup

Nov '16 Apple and Price Discrimination

Nov '16 More Thoughts on Pricing a Good

Nov '16 How to Not Suck at Networking

Oct '16 Do You Really Need a New Macbook Pro?

Oct '16 How to Price a Digital Good

Oct '16 Is Leave No Trace Illogical?

Oct '16 Why Raising the Minimum wage could be a good idea

Oct '16 A Love Letter to 1Password

Sep '16 Apple Exploit Price Analysis

Sep '16 How to get Started with Trading Stocks

Sep '16 An Analysis of the Phillips Curve

Sep '16 O(n) for data scientists

Sep '16 Aggregating Data in SQL

Sep '16 Clearing the console and environment in R

Sep '16 Removing Scientific Notation from R

Sep '16 The 10-Year Challenge