Opinionated guide to using excel

14 April 2023
14 Apr 2023
1 min read

Excel and I have a strange history. For being so into data, it actually took until my first job where I learned how to use Excel on a regular basis. Based on these opinionated Django rules

  • All excel sheets should be read from left to right
  • I would also have my most readable file on the left, followed by a pivot table, followed by the raw data.
  • No hidden rows or columns
  • No sub summations within a data structure
  • Formulas should be written in row above headers, to easily be pasted down
  • An excel sheet should have all data in one worksheet
  • No spaces in the data. Whole thing should be navigated with control, shift, arrows
  • Different data blocks should be split by one row and/or one column
  • Grid and bold headers. Often color yellow (traditional bumblebee approach)
  • Calculated fields should not exist in pivot tables. All columns should be a part of a data row, for readability
  • Graphing should be done using another tool (i.e. python, tableau)

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