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20 January 2017
20 Jan 2017
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As a change of pace, I thought I’d list some podcasts that I am currently listening to. The theme of each of these vary wildly, but whenever any of these podcasts release a new episode, I listen to it immediately.1

  1. Accidental Tech Podcast:

    A fantastic podcast about technology that I’ve enjoyed listening to. The hosts are three programmers with strong opinions including the fantastic John Siracusa.

  2. Back to Work:

    Featuring Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann, Back to Work is a great podcast featuring a dynamic duo. Dan is a great straight man and Merlin is an incredibly smart individual talking about the things that makes us human2. I learn something after listening to each podcast, either a better way to use technology or to be a better human.

  3. The Bill Simmons Podcast:

    Bill Simmons leads this program along with a rotating cast of characters. Simmons talks about a variety of sports related topics as well as the broader entertainment related environment. I’ve been listening to this podcast to give me a background in sports, allowing me to engage in small talk with a variety of different people.

  4. Do By Friday:

    Along with the above mentioned Merlin Mann, Max Temkin and Alex Cox try and complete a challenge each week and talk about what happened. I enjoy hearing the lessons that they learn during the challenge. There’s a lot of banter, and all of the hosts are great people.

  1. If you need an app, I prefer Overcast ↩︎

  2. Equally important are his thoughts on email and technology writ large. A very smart man. ↩︎

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