Four More Interesting Links

1 June 2017
1 Jun 2017
1 min read

This link on how Apple and Google Maps have changed is super interesting. This is fascinating how you can track Google’s strategy as time progresses. It seems clear that Google is iterating more rapidly than Apple, so I hope that there is something big at WWDC.

For the second link, I have to link to anything Benedict Evans writes. Evans is a very smart guy who thinks a lot about the future. In this piece, he is talking about the urge of people to dismiss new technology. One of my favorite quotes is as follows: “William Golding famously said of Hollywood “Nobody knows anything”, but that feels like an abdication of reason and judgement. We should try to do better.” Yes, we should.

Continuing with the theme of doing better, a recent study shows that you can become a better performer by sitting around other high performers. Although I was surprised initially, it makes intuitive sense. I’ve always been inspired by other great workers to work harder than before.

Finally, I want to draw attention to this great tribute to Roger Moore. I enjoyed watching his James Bond movies as a kid, and I thought this piece was really well written.

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