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13 May 2017
13 May 2017
2 min read

Going through some old articles, I found this great tip from Mr. Money Mustache. He recommends bringing a mini fridge to work and stocking it with food to always have food available. As someone who is always in a snack-happy mood, I thought this was a great tip and agree wholeheartedly!

A little later on he talks about the joys of self employment. I thought his view on the matter was super interesting. The concept has always intrigued me, and reading how he got started made it less terrifying in my mind.

I of course have to plug my first post on Kaggle. For those that are unaware, Kaggle is a data science website. The main draw is the ability for companies to host competitions, meaning that they supply the data and reward the individual(s) who are best able to solve the problem. I took the side route and made my first workbook predicting student performance. This dataset is not in a competition, I simply wanted to get a feel for the platform.

The last link I have is relating to getting a job in the data science field. I find these types of posts super helpful, as I am going to be soon entering into the job market. It also helps me to know that other people go through the same stress and similar struggles.

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