Initial Twitter Bot Thoughts

19 February 2018
19 Feb 2018
2 min read

In a rite of passage for all developers, I have begun implementation for a Twitter bot. While I am interested in the technical aspect, I am unsure what the bot should actually tweet.

First I thought about simply tweeting a work of classical literature. It would be reasonably interesting and not very difficult to create. I would simply have a file that contains the text that should be tweeted and loop over that, tweeting at whenever time period I set in the program.

I also thought of some sort of Markov chain bot; if I can feed the bot some interesting base text, it may generate some gems (see this for some examples using Trump). However, I’m not sure what base text I could feed to the bot to make it interesting.

Finally, I thought of having the bot DM me whenever some condition is met. If this bot check various API’s, I could have DM notifications turned on. And then this app could DM me whenever some flag is met. Per usual, I am interested in the technical side of things, I’m just not sure what triggers I should set for this bot.

Overall, I think bots have potential that has not yet been realized. I look forward to further experimentation with them and seeing what I can come up with.

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