This Notes section is where I aim to follow the ideals of a digital gardens. These notes should be atomic, in that they contain one idea or piece of information and relatively timeless. Additionally, these notes will be less polished than a post; it will be getting ideas out to start iterating on those ideas.

I would ask to treat these like a choose your own adventure novel. I’ll be linking pieces together in order to form a web of connections. These links will gradually expand outward, tying together different ideas together that will eventually form a post.

Mar '24 Getting inspired by wild coding projects

Mar '24 Quick Mastodon Update

Dec '23 Quick Mastodon Update

Nov '23 OpenAi Update

Jul '23 Installing nfl_data_py on Mac

May '23 GPT-4 Working Notes

Feb '23 Analytics Motto

Jan '23 Dusting off the website

Apr '22 Library Visits

Sep '21 Modal Tailwind Email Popup

Sep '21 Further Tableau Tricks

Jul '21 Twitter as Inspiration

Feb '21 Analytics Approach to Scouting

Feb '21 Big Data Cup 2021

Feb '21 Git Commands to Update Site

Jan '21 Codenames for Projects

Jan '21 Sports Betting cont.

Jan '21 Sports Betting for Wild Card Weekend

Dec '20 Color Palette

Dec '20 Creating Yourself

Dec '20 Favicon Support

Dec '20 Adding Series to Hugo

Dec '20 Podcast Marketing

Nov '20 Virtual Environment in VSCode

Sep '20 Panic's Nova

Sep '20 Instagram Reels Inital Impressions

Sep '20 GPT-3 Creating Books and Authors

Aug '20 For every one of our failures, we had spreadsheets that looked awesome.

Jun '20 Maximizing Functionality

May '20 I only went out for a walk...

May '20 Be courteous to all but intimate with few...

Apr '20 Dropbox Paper Mini Review

Apr '20 Animal Crossing and Covid

Mar '20 Apple Arcade Initial Review

Mar '20 Podcast Consumption Covid

Mar '20 Spotify and Apple Music Thoughts

Feb '20 Pandas Column Data Type

Feb '20 Self Advocating

Feb '20 UNLV Rebels

Feb '20 Carmelo and Vegas Lines

Feb '20 Monks Facing Distractions

Feb '20 Napping 101

Jan '20 Value in Data Pipeline

Jan '20 Public Transportation Mini Review

Jan '20 Saints Bugaboo Factor

Jan '20 Last Day in Boston

Dec '19 Pandas Max Columns Option

Dec '19 Polish comes from the cities, wisdom comes from the desert.

Oct '19 Halloween and Ribs

Sep '19 The best way to overcome it [the fear of death]...

Sep '19 Battlestar Galactica Mini Review

Sep '19 Las Vegas Aces Winning

Jul '19 “Too much intention creates tension.”

Jul '19 Movie choice - Isn't It Romantic

Jul '19 Forgetting to Download Music

Jun '19 There is nothing more revealing than to see a thinking person walking...

Jun '19 Documenting Your Code

Jun '19 Speed of Implementation

Jun '19 Visual Studio Code Mini Review

Jun '19 2019 WWDC

May '19 The secret to doing good research is always to be a little underemployed. You waste years by not being able to waste hours.

May '19 Louis L'amour Wandering Quote

May '19 Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

May '19 Nothing beats live sports

May '19 A New Way to Think about Mobility

May '19 Remote Meeting Software

May '19 Urbanization and Traffic

May '19 Electric Scooters in DC

Apr '19 Updated Reeder 4

Apr '19 Accidentally Twinning

Apr '19 Excel Tips - Contiguious Data Ranges

Apr '19 Slow Cooker Tips

Mar '19 Customer Acquisition

Mar '19 Python in the Workplace

Mar '19 Duke Upset Alert

Jan '19 2019 Goals

Dec '18 Baselining a Model

Dec '18 Virtual Environments in Python

Oct '18 Apple Event and Mac Mini

Oct '18 “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction.”

Sep '18 White Space is Excel's Pro Tip

Sep '18 iOS 12 and Reconfiguring a Writing Workflow

Sep '18 iOS Real Life Enhancements

Sep '18 People and Computers

Aug '18 ABT

Aug '18 Housing and NIMBYism

Aug '18 Amazon and Libries

Aug '18 Baseball Cap Tips

Jun '18 2018 WWCD Reactions

May '18 Celtics Performance

May '18 Goodhart's Law

May '18 Hulu's Inclusion of Commercials

May '18 Intro to Conferences/Networking

May '18 LeBron James is Good at Basketball

Mar '18 The Keys to Life

Feb '18 Alto’s Odyssey

Feb '18 The four commands that really demonstrate how to use git and GitHub

Jan '18 KPI Doughnut Charts in Tableau

Nov '17 Journaling Versus Blogging