Quick Mastodon Update

1 March 2024
1 Mar 2024
1 min read

So I’ve finally gotten into Mastodon - better late than never I suppose! A few things really made it worthwhile for me.

I briefly signed up for the main instance of Mastodon.social, but found it was too big for me. I then stumbled across omg.lol, which felt like a perfect fit. They were running a Valentine’s Day sale and I never looked back. So far I’ve been lurking (haven’t had a chance to post my introduction, for great reasons!), but eventually I’ll look to see what types of short form content make sense over there.

Broadly, I’d like to start doing more with this site in 2024. I think if I’m going to write anything, it might as well makee sense to write it here. More to come…

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Quick Mastodon Update

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